Maintenance Plan Benefits


Automatic, periodic inspection, lubrication, adjustment and cleaning of your heating and cooling system keeps it running at peak, trouble-free efficiency. Potential problems are spotted before they can cause trouble.


Competent, trained, dependable staff of experts will perform service on your equipment when necessary. Our technicians are trained and certified by the leading manufacturers in our industry.


Should you need emergency service, our PREFERRED CUSTOMER MAINTENANCE PLAN customers are given PREFERRED treatment when they do have a problem. We service our PLAN holders first.


Fixed cost allows budgeting in advance for maintenance service, labor and parts. One charge. NO hidden expenses.


A known fact is that regular maintenance and service on mechanical equipment prolongs its life, it also keeps the equipment at peak efficiency.


Periodic maintenance ensures units to be operating safely.


You select the PLAN that best suits you and your equipment. Select from the three different PLANS listed.


Our highly trained staff of experts know the business. Feel at ease knowing that S&S Heating has made major investments in training, tools, radios, trucks, and computers to assure our PREFERRED(SM) Customer Maintenance Plan customers prompt and efficient service at a minimum cost.


● It is mutually agreed that this policy covers only electrically operated units inside the equipment and does not cover electrical or plumbing work beyond the units or work required due to the negligence or misuse of the equipment or because of fire, flood, acts of God, sabotage of gas or water supply or damage caused by freezing or circumstances beyond our control.
● S&S Heating reserves the right to reject any policy if an inspection by our service technician finds the equipment is in such condition that service will be unsatisfactorily to both parties. The equipment must be brought up to industry standards at the customers expense before acceptance of policy at the time of the first maintenance check.
● S&S Heating shall not be responsible for system design or performance in maintaining design conditions except through failure through equipment covered herein.
● All service will be performed during the working hours Monday-Friday 8:00 AM – 4:30 PM. All maintenance checks will be scheduled during normal working hours.
● Emergency service available 7 days a week. ($25.00 trip charge plus Time and ½ Labor Charge* after hours). *Depending on applicable plan level
● It shall be the discretion of S&S Heating to repair or replace defective material and parts. In the event any or all of the equipment is not, in our opinion, economically repairable, S&S Heating will quote the replacement cost. Until replacement has taken place, no further service will be performed.
● The customer cannot assign or transfer this agreement without the prior written consent of S&S Heating.
● Any changes, adjustments or repairs made by others, unless authorized or approved by S&S Heating in writing, shall terminate S&S Heating’s obligation hereunder.
● S&S heating will not be required to furnish, with out extra cost, any items of material, labor or equipment which are recommended or required by local code regulations, insurance companies, Government, State, Municipal or other authorities.
● Unnecessary nuisance calls beyond the scope of this contract will be charged and paid for by the purchaser at the prevailing service rates. Example: Fuses, Dirty Filters, Disconnects, Manual Reset Switches, Batteries, etc.
● S&S Heating will endeavor to render prompt and efficient service hereunder, but it is expressly agreed that S&S Heating shall in no event be liable for damage or loss caused by delay or any loss arising out of performance of this agreement.

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